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Kittelsen in Copenhagen

Bakgrunnsbilde_nettside_Theodor_Kittelsen.jpgDoes humour belong in Art? The question seems unnecessary. Of course do humour belong in Art. Still, most famous artists are seldom funny. Neither in their lifetime, or now. One of the exceptions is Danish Robert Storm Petersen (1882-1949), who transformed the great parody of ordinary life into fine art – both for the daily press, books or exhibitions. As a young man, he found inspiration in Munch, Ensor, Toulouse-Lautrec and Kittelsen. These impressions formed his artistic vision.

Kittelsen on the Altars of Madness

While the art works of Th. Kittelsen for a Norwegian audience often can be related to the fairytale about the small boy gazing the imaginary castle of gold in the horizon, can Kittelsen be understood completely different by an international audience. Blaafarveværket has since the 1980’s collected the original artworks of Th. Kittelsen, and several international exhibitions have been granted loans from the collection.